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Lessons for Each Grade

Children in every grade learn different things in different ways. That's why Grow, Eat, Thrive has unique lessons that are appropriate for each age and grade level. Each level has flexible lessons and activities that meet national and state-level standards and are designed to stand alone or complement a teacher's existing lesson plan.

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Grades K - 1

An Alphabet of Color teaches younger students to describe fruits and vegetables through writing or illustrations. Students will learn the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Zoom Blooms & Blob Globs teach students about the importance of physical activity by helping them identify opportunities to increase their daily activity. Zoom Blooms emphasizes physical activities and Blob Globs emphasizes a lack of physical activity.

A Taste of the Garden allows students to explore their senses through gardening. Students will taste fruits and vegetables from their container gardens, see their colors, and smell the fragrant aromas of the crop.

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Grades 2 - 3

Snack Your Way to Health guides students in preparing healthy and simple snacks and how to ask for a healthy snack at home.

Growing Greens Galore lesson allows students to taste fruits and vegetables from their container gardens along with purchased foods and report their preferences. Students will make a salad consisting of fruits and vegetables and learn which ones they prefer.

Playing in My World of Activity provides students with ideas in which they can be active. The lesson also teaches students the importance of physical activity of optimum health. Activities include tracking physical activity and goal setting.

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Grades 4 - 5

Cultivating a Kaleidoscope emphasizes the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Students will learn the nutrients and vitamins that are associated with certain fruit and vegetable colors.

Fruit & Vegetable Research Projects helps students to explore and research a fruit or vegetables they choose. Students will learn about the fruit of vegetable and then present their findings to the class.

E-A-T Your Fruits and Vegetables gives students ownership over the fruits and vegetables they eat. Students will establish goals and learn the importance of making achievable and trackable goals.

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What Is
Grow Eat Thrive?

Grow, Eat, Thrive is a simple to use curriculum for grades K-5 that partners nutrition, container gardening and physical activity to teach children about the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and daily exercise. This easy to implement hands-on course guides students through planting and nurturing their own container garden. By planning, growing, and caring for a garden, students experience the full process of bringing food to their table and, learning the importance of making sound choices for long-term health benefits.

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Why Did We Create Grow Eat Thrive?

It's no secret that obesity in children is a growing public health concern. Grow, Eat, Thrive aims to combat obesity and the health concerns associated with it. At the same time the unit gives students a keen sense of where food comes from and an appreciation for healthy foods and daily activity.

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While completing related activities, the students plant a garden, care for it, and at the end of the curriculum harvest the fruits and vegetables they've grown. Through this actively involved approach students learn to take ownership over their health and realize they have the ability to choose and improve their nutrition options.


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